Jack’s Bj Lessons

Why Do Women Like You Praise My Blowjob Lessons?

Easy, yet powerful blowjob techniques you can apply immediately.

Written by “chauvinistic male pig” (NOT COSMO) who doesn’t care about hurting your feelings.

Eye-opening insights into the shady desires he secretly fantasies about (but doesn’t tell you).

Mad blowjob-skills that guard your relationship from other women.

Know exactly what, when, why and how to do to turn your blowjobs into a life-changing experience he won’t be able to forget (and make his mind melt).

And all the dirty little tricks that make him come fast and strong like a bullet.

Because now you don’t need to be a Beauty Queen to make him feel like he’s in Heaven!

And best of all – you can now try it completely risk-free because my program comes with a 100% money-back guarantee (in case you’re guy isn’t absolutely blown away by your new blowjob skills, just ask for your money back, no questions asked).

Here’s a sneak peak at just some of what you’ll discover in Jack’s Blowjob Lessons:

The Blowjob Goddess Mindset that magnetically attracts him to your magic-lips. Learn this 1 thing alone and he’ll be begging you to go down on him. This is what turns “macho men” into your humble servants… cherishing you with the kind of love, affection, and attention you could only see in movies.

The Truth About Why And What Men Like In a Blowjob, so you never have to wonder if he’s actually enjoying your blowjobs again. I’ll teach you exactly what and why he loves it (but is afraid to tell you) so you understand what’s really going on in his mind.

Embarrassing Blowjob Mistakes almost all women make (it’s not your fault) that push men away from you – both emotionally and sexually – and push them towards other women or watching porn all the time. I’ll teach you how to avoid all the most common blowjob mistakes so he commits to you, and only you.

Killer Blowjob Positions that make your blowjobs unforgettable. Most women don’t know about this, but these positions excite him on a primal, Caveman level – they make him come faster and stronger by having his “orgasm muscles” locked and loaded, ready to explode.

The Blowjob Heaven Atmosphere. How you handle his brain is as important as how you handle his penis. You’ll learn exactly how to build up sexual tension and anticipation by creating an erotic, relaxing, and unique atmosphere. Use this to capture his complete and undivided attention (every time). This “fit for Kings” treatment is what makes him put a diamond ring on your finger.

22 “Oh My God” Blowjob Techniques that make him swear like a sailor in disbelief as you take him to another reality. These “OMG” blowjob techniques are easy, foolproof, and instantly applicable to your next blowjob. Learn exactly how, what, and where to do so you supercharge your blowjob confidence.

Tanya’s Deep-throat Manifesto, my co-author and friend Tanya J., a former adult film star, teaches you the ins and outs of deep-throating like a pro – killing your gag-reflex has never been this easy. Believe it or not – mastering the art of deep-throating is your one way ticket to a loving relationship. Once you go “all in” he’ll never view you the same again.

The Hottest Places to Blow His Mind. I’ll teach you how to give the perfect blowjob in a car, a cinema, outdoors, in a public toilet, an elevator, on the beach, and a bunch of other “forbidden” (but unforgettable) places – and then I’ll teach you how to get away with it.

The Art of Blowjob Dirty Talk. Tell him the right words and you don’t have to be a beauty queen to make him believe he’s in heaven. I’ll tell you exactly what to say, how to say it, and how to be completely comfortable about saying it – before, during, and after a blowjob – so you never feel weird again.

The Perfect Blowjob Scenario. You’ll know exactly what to do from start to finish so you have complete control over his orgasm and never wonder about what to do next or what “phase” of the blowjob you are in.

The Turbo Ejaculation Formula. My Push-Button, golden nugget blowjob techniques that make him “orgasm by command” – this is the kinky stuff men dream about (but never get from their wives or girlfriends) that make his orgasm look like a volcanic eruption (wear your glasses). He’ll think he just died and went to sexual heaven.

And much, much more!

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