The Speak To Spark Arousal – For Men

The Speak To Spark Arousal – For Men

The Speak To Spark Arousal system was designed for you…In it, you’ll learn

The “seeding” technique
which plants sexual images and ideas in a woman’s mind that make her squirm in her seat as her pussy aches with an emptiness she’s desperate for you to fill…

“Automatic Looping”
to continually play dirty thoughts and feelings about you in her head..

So for hours, days, or weeks after talking to you, she’s obsessing over you and trying to come up with ways to see you again, get you alone, and satisfy the naughty fantasies about you she can’t stop picturing…

How to use conversational silences
to get her feeling an overwhelming amount of sexual tension that can only be released by her making a move on you

What to say when she says she has a boyfriend,
she’s not interested, or she’s too busy to see you, that will make you stand out from every other guy, show massive confidence, and compel her to take the initiative to see you again

How to put sexual conversation on autopilot…
so you don’t have to think about what you’re doing, and women are turned on by you effortlessly and naturally (hint: guys who are naturally good with women do with this without realizing it… which is why their best advice is to ‘be yourself’)

How to use curiosity to get HER investing in face-to-face and text conversations…
so instead of giving one-word answers, SHE’S asking YOU questions and moving the conversation forward…

What to say within 10 seconds of meeting a girl
that gets her thinking “Ok, he’s NOT like other guys”, and makes her feel a sudden urgency to hook up with you before some other girl does…

How to react to ANY rational objection she has to dating you or being alone with you,
including your age, what her friends might think, or her fear of “ruining your friendship”… in a way that spikes her arousal, and wipes these concerns out of her mind.

And much, much more (That’s just a small taste)
Once you use the techniques in Speak to Spark arousal, you’ll be able to turn on any woman, at any time without her suspecting what you’re up to.

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