The Medici Code

The Medici Code

The Medici Code leverages the power of two revolutionary neurological breakthroughs.

The first one is the discovery of the “Theta Tone” – it’s the frequency the “locks” your brain into a state of deep relaxation, beyond “busy brain.” This is the neurological state where it finally becomes possible to “overwrite” your preset belief and behavior patterns.

The second neurological breakthrough is the discovery of how to reprogram The Painter. This is based on the research that shows that your subconscious mind can process 500,000 times more information than your conscious mind. That’s as long as your conscious mind doesn’t get in the way.

That’s why the revolutionary new patterns of belief and behavior are “whispered” to your subconscious mind… bypassing your ears audibly, but plenty loud enough for your subconscious mind to absorb.

When combined into a 12 minute audio program, it becomes The Medici Code… enabling you to manifest the life of your dreams.

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