Fire Alarm Design Guide

Fire Alarm Design Guide

See what topics this book covers. This book is a great resource for startups considering getting off the ground in the best way.

What’s inside this eBook?

Through this eBook you will invest in your time instead of studying and searching for months.

What are the benefits from purchasing this book?

After reading this book:

You will learn about the fire phenomena & its nature and fire alarm systems basics.

You will learn all fire alarm system components (sensors , notification devices , fire panels …etc.) concepts and theory of operation including wiring connection methods.

You will learn how to design each fire alarm components by your own self and to avoid design mistakes (design of spacing and detectors placing).

You will be able to choose when to use conventional and addressable fire alarm systems and the difference between both systems.

You will be able to choose when to use wired, wireless fire alarm systems and advantages & disadvantages of each.

You will learn basic electricity design and cables voltage drop calculations, and also the basics of IP network typologies and the differences between them.

Fire resistant and fire retardant cables features and when to use each.

Cables installation recommendations (cable laying and underground burring principles).

In this course you will be provided with Bonus Chapter for free!

“Testing and maintenance of fire alarm systems”

In this bonus chapter:

You will know how to test each fire alarm system component and what are the suitable fire alarm testing tool for each component.

You will learn about the ideal operation and testing procedures workflow for any fire alarm system and the related login access levels.

You will see a sample for both:

The fire alarm periodical “Testing sheet”.

The “Annual testing schedule”.

Which you can use them right away.

False alarms and how to avoid them and their accepted rate.

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