Advance Immune Protection | Comprehensive Immune System Support

NHR Science Advance Immune Support (AIS) Combo is a comprehensive arsenal of immune-supportive powerful herbs, helping the body maintain a strong defense, and help supports seasonal immune health

Benefits of ParActin® Immune Organic Andrographis Paniculata Extract :

Helps Control Levels of Inflammatory Cytokines that Assist in Immune System Health

Maintains a healthy inflammatory response to support healthy respiratory function

Supports Nasal, Throat & Respiratory Health

Encourages Timely Immune Cell Response

Helps Support Against Seasonal Immune Challenges

Benefits of ElderberryCare™ Organic Elderberry Extract :

Comprehensive Immune Support

Supports Nose, Throat, & Respiratory Health

Support Seasonal Immune Challenges

Free Radical Scavenger

Optimal Support During Stress, Travel & Seasonal Changes

Benefits of Adapticort® Eurycoma Longifolia Extract:

Promotes Healthy Cortisol Level

Provides Comprehensive Support for Aging Immune System

Inhibits Immune Senescence by Supporting an Already-healthy Ratio of Naïve-to-memory T Cells

Promotes Youthful Immune Response by Stimulating Immune Cell Development & Activity

Encourages the Body’s First Line of Defense by Promoting Natural Killer (NK) Cell Response

Advance Immune Protection | Comprehensive Immune System Support

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